Bee Exterminator Alternatives

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Although it is not illegal to hire a bee exterminator to kill honey bees, it is considered bad practice to arbitrarily exterminate honey bees without at least making an effort to save them.

….If people or property are in danger that is one thing.

Dead Honey Bee

Most of the time; however, there are alternative to bee exterminators, where the bees can be removed alive without damaging the property or hurting anyone.

We have seen very few cases where we would recommend having a bee exterminator come and exterminate the bees.  

Reputable pest control companies will first do everything they can to save honey bees before resorting to bee extermination.

Killing honey bees is often just a quick fix that doesn’t solve the problem and costs more in the long run.

The honey bees have pick your location as their ideal home for a reason, without remedying that underlying cause….future colonies will also find it attractive.

So please call us as a viable solution and Cape Coral bee exterminator alternative