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Bee Hive Frames | All Sizes | 10-frame Langstroth | Unassembled or Assembled

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Delivery/Shipping/PickUp Method: Curbside, InStore, GCBA Meeting

Unassembled wood frames. Sold in quantities of 10 and includes 10 top and bottom bars along with 20 end bars. These have both a grooved top and bottom bar and are meant to be used with plastic foundation. Nails/staples/foundation not included. Sold in multiples of 10.
Assembled frames are an intermediate option between plastic and “wire and wax”, these frames feature a traditional wood frame with wax coated plastic foundation. Completely assembled and ready to go. Sold in multiples of 10.

For assembly, we recommend drilling pilot holes prior to nailing to prevent splitting. (nails not included)

Assembled hive bodies may require 24-48hr notice for pick up at the farm. Please eMail us or call 239-443-5597 to order assembled hive bodies.

Size Chart:

Deep fits 9 1/8" frame fits 9 5/8" box size 8 3/8" and 81/2" x 16 3/8" Deep
Deep Super
Hive Body
Brood Box
Brood Nest
WI Super fits 7 1/4" frame fits 7 5/8" box size 6 1/2" and 6 5/8" x 16 3/8" Uncommon Size
3/4 Super
Wisconsin Super
IL Super fits 6 1/4" frame fits 6 5/8" box size 5 1/2" and 5 5/8" x 16 3/8" Medium Super
Illinois Super
Modified Super
Dadant Super
Most common size for Honey Super
Shallow Super fits 5 3/8" frame fits 5 11/16" box size 4 3/4" x 16 3/8" Shallow Super
Often used for Cut Comb

Quantity: Ten (10) Frames

Farm Pick Up cost: Free
Farm Pick Up by Appt: Curbside | by Appointment | Thurs-Fri 11am-7pm and Sat 9am-12:30pm (In-Store Coming Soon)

Pick Up at Gulf Coast Beekeeper Meetings | Charlotte, Collier or Lee: Free

Charlotte: 1st SATURDAY of each month
Collier: 2nd TUESDAY of each month
Lee: 3rd TUESDAY of each month

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