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Varroa Screen Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jar

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      Our Varroa Screen Lid is an essential tool for reliable Varroa monitoring. All beekeeping outfits big and small should have one on hand for quick diagnosis of Varroa infestation levels.

    Use this screened mason jar lid with your wide mouth mason jar when doing sugar shake tests for mite control.

Quantity: 1 screen lid (jar not included)

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Powdered sugar roll

With this method, the bees are gently rolled with powdered sugar, causing the mites to separate from the bees. The EasyCheck is then gently shaken, causing the sugar and the mites to pass through the white basket’s holes. The powdered sugar method keeps the sampled bees alive, but the monitoring result may vary depending on the experience of use and air humidity (agglomeration of sugar).

How to perform a sugar roll?

Required material (not included): Powdered / icing / confectioners sugar, + a container to shake the sugar in.

Step 1

Pour two full tablespoons of powdered / icing sugar inside the transparent bowl of the EasyCheck.

Step 2

Collect a sample of 200 or 300 bees with the white basket, preferably from a frame of capped brood (make sure the queen is not in the sample). The lines for 200 and 300 bees are indicated inside the basket.

Put the basket back UPSIDE-DOWN into the transparent bowl and push it until it's correctly seated inside the bowl. Screw the yellow lid.

Step 3

Roll the Varroa EasyCheck gently for 1 minute until the bees are evenly coated with the powdered sugar. Make sure the sugar does not pass through the holes of the white basket yet. Set the Varroa EasyCheck in the shade for 3 minutes for better separation of the mites.

Step 4

Remove the lid, turn the Varroa EasyCheck upside-down and gently shake it above the yellow lid or a larger container.

Step 5

Add a bit of water to the sugar to dissolve it and count the mites.

Depending on if you took 200 or 300 bees divide the number of counted mites by 2 or 3 to get your infestation rate (%). To interpret the results, please consult our Varroa Guide and/or your local thresholds.

Report mite counts

Step 6

Release the bees into the hive, or at the entrance.

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