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Bee Hive Tool for Beekeepers | Stainless Steel | Standard or J-Hook Style

In stock
Product Details
Vendor: AliExpress | Dadant M00856
Delivery/Shipping/PickUp Method: Curbside, InStore, GCBA Meeting, USPS Priority Mail
Cost: $9.13@ 01_10_22 Std | $3.95@ 12_17_21 JHook

When it comes to tools, nothing is more “essential” than your standard 9.5" Hive Tool. The flat blade end is perfect for separating boxes and scraping excess build up; while the sturdy hooked end comes in handy for lifting and those times you need extra leverage.

Made of quality stainless steel, also includes built in nail puller in case the need should arise.

As a stand alone or an addition to the standard Hive Tool, the 10" J-Hook Tool has the added benefit of a special hooked end perfect for separating and lifting frames from your boxes. Has a standard flat blade end with beveled scraper on one side and unique J Hook end at the other.

Made of quality stainless steel, also includes built in nail puller in case the need should arise

Quantity: One (1) hive tool

Shipping cost: Carrier calculated
Shipping: USPS Priority Mail in the continental US only

Farm Pick Up cost: Free
Farm Pick Up by Appt: Curbside | by Appointment | Thurs-Fri 11am-7pm and Sat 9am-12:30pm (In-Store Coming Soon)

Pick Up at Gulf Coast Beekeeper Meetings | Charlotte, Collier or Lee: Free
Charlotte: 1st SATURDAY of each month
Collier: 2nd TUESDAY of each month
Lee: 3rd TUESDAY of each month

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