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Bee 1/8" Hardware Cloth for Beekeepers | 8 mesh | replacement screen for wide mouth varroa jar

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PreCut screen to fit WIDE MOUTH mason jar to make your own varroa tester or replace the screen in your existing varroa test jar.

Looking for an 8-mesh hardware cloth that can be used as a replacement screen for your wide mouth varroa jar?

Look no further than our 1/8" Hardware Cloth for Beekeepers! This precut screen fits perfectly in a wide mouth mason jar, making it the perfect tool for your varroa testing needs. 1/8" Hardware Cloth for Beekeepers is also great for DIY projects or any other beekeeping application, where a 8-mesh (8 squares per inch) hardware cloth is needed to keep bees in or out.

Mason jar and lid NOT included

Quantity: (1) round screen to fit in WIDE MOUTH mason jar

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