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Poultry Waterer Nipples for your Homestead Chickens | 3-pack or 12-pack | Threaded

Product Details
Delivery/Shipping/PickUp Method: Farm Pick Up, Local Delivery, USPS Priority Mail
Ideal for broilers, breeders, layers, pullets, turkeys, ducks and game birds.

Manufacturer recommends 3 birds per nipple.

  • Does not require a drip cup.
  • Screw directly into PVC pipe or bucket, or use reducing tees with Teflon tape for round PVC pipe.
  • 360° side-action pin.
  • Screw/Threaded style, screw size: 5cm
  • 360 degree nipple stainless steel

Limited delivery area and times:

  • To 33933 and Burnt Store Marina on Fridays
  • To 33904 and 33914 on Mondays

Delivery cost: Free on orders over $10
Delivery area: 33993, 33904, 33914 and Burnt Store Marina community

Shipping cost: Carrier calculated
Shipping: USPS Priority Mail in the continental US only

Farm Pick Up cost: Free
Farm Pick Up by Appt: Pick up appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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