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Coconut Coir | Growing Media and Soil Amendment | 5kg | 650g | 250g

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Coconut coir is a 100% natural by-product of coconut harvesting using sustainable methods. It is an alternative to peat moss, rockwool, perlite and vermiculite and is used in the same gardening capacity. Coir is the coarse fibers from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Once considered useless, coir is increasingly used as a growing medium by commercial greenhouse operations. Because of its superior water holding capacity, soil aeration and drainage properties, coir is useful in modern hydroponics and as a soil amendment for potted plants, containers and gardens. Coir is superor to peat moss and rockwool for structural stability, water absorption and drainage and will not decomse as quickly lasting longer in your soil. Coir is resistant to disease pathogens.

When coir is included as a soil amendment, your plants require less fertilizers, develop more elaborate and stronger root systems, and are more resistant to disease, pathogens and weeds.

In sandy soils, coir helps to keep nutrients and moisture close to plant roots. In clay soils, it helps to break up hard-packed earth and move nutrients and moisture through the soil. Add one part coir to two parts soil to make a growing medium for pots or outdoor gardens.

Coir comes compressed into bricks for convenient storage. Add water and soak your brick for at least 1 hour to hydrate

• Replaces peat moss, rockwool, perlite & vermiculite

• Compressed bricks are easy to handle & store

• Disease Resistant

• Excellent air space & water holding capacity

• pH Neutral

• Holds between 8 & 10 times its volume in water

Technical Details / Specifications

5kg Coconut Coir Brick expands to 20 gallons per brick.

Shipping weight = 12lbs

Shipping size = 13"x13"x6"

650g Coconut Coir Brick expands to 2.5 gallons per brick.

Shipping weight = 1.5lbs

Shipping size = 5"x9"x3"

250g Coconut Coir Brick expands to 0.5 gallons per brick.

Shipping weight = 1lbs

Shipping size = 5"x9"x2"

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