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Intro to Beekeeping | Become a Beekeeper 2-day Hands-On Workshop

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Intro to Beekeeping | Become a Beekeeper Hands-On Series, includes Suiting Up and Going into the Hives (2-days)

This is a unique and one of a kind opportunity to actually work the bees in actual bee hives as part of the Hands-on portion of the workshop. We will suit you up and take a close look at the bees. You will be learning how to use the tools, what you are looking for and have personal hands-on experience working in the hive. Learn from a UF Advanced Master Beekeeper [not included in the non-beekeeper ticket]

Class Lecture on Saturday from 9am-5pm at GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary, at 4160 Old Burnt Store Road, N, Cape Coral, FL 33993

  • Becoming a Beekeeper
  • Basic Tools
  • Hive Equipment
  • How to Get Started
  • Maintaining Your Hive
  • Working Bees
  • Hive Structure
  • Colony Structure
  • General Management
  • SW Florida Forage
  • Products of the Hive
  • Honey Harvesting
  • Pests & Diseases

Hands-On Workshop on Sunday from 11am-5/6pm at GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary, at 4160 Old Burnt Store Road, N, Cape Coral, FL 33993

  • Bee PPE/Lighting Smoker - how to suit up and light the smoker the right way.
  • Hive Inspections/Splits - over-the-shoulder with UF Advanced Master Beekeeper
  • Into the Hive - hands-on experience with the bees. YOU will be working with the bees. To identify:
    • Identification of eggs, open brood, and capped brood
    • Brood patterns
    • Honey and pollen stores
    • Pests
    • Finding the queen
    • Varroa Sugar Role Test - hands-on testing for the bees nemesis, the varroa mite
  • Hive Building - build you own hive and frames onsite using our jigs, nails, staples
  • Jigs - how to build a frame jig to make your hive building easier

Students receive a Basic Start Up Kit that includes:

  • 10-frame Langstroth Hive w Deep Hive Body, 10 frames with Foundation, Migratory Top Board and Bottom Board,
  • Beekeeper Veil,
  • Gloves,
  • Smoker,
  • Hive Tool

Membership included:

  • Gulf Coast Beekeepers of Florida - 1 yr

Does not include BEEs or FDACS Beekeeper Registration.

Waiver required for Hands-on Workshop portion here =>

Discounts for couples that only want one set of equipment. Additional equipment and protective gear available for purchase at 10% discount.


Already have everything listed in the Basic Start Up Kit? Simply give us a jingle at 239-558-1130 and you may be able to sign up as an ADDITIONAL Family Member instead.


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