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Varroa Easy Check by Veto-Pharma

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The first 3-in-1 Varroa monitoring tool!

Varroa EasyCheck is a practical tool for easy Varroa infestation monitoring on adult bees.

Alcohol wash, sugar roll, CO2 injection. These 3 methods are now available in the same tool. It's up to you to choose the method that suits you best!

Alcohol Wash

  • Alcohol wash consists of immersing a sample of bees into alcohol and then gently shaking the EasyCheck to detach the phoretic mites so they can be counted
  • Advantages: Fast and easy, it is recognized as the most accurate, reliable, and economical option for beekeepers
  • Alcohol Method video

Icing Sugar Roll

  • With this method, the bees are rolled with powdered sugar, causing the mites to separate from the bees
  • The EasyCheck is then gently shaken, causing the sugar and the mites to pass through the white basket's holes
  • Advantages: Inexpensive and keep the sample of bees alive
  • Sugar Roll Method video

CO2 Injection

  • The CO2 method, bees, and mites are rendered unconscious by exposure to carbon dioxide gas
  • The sample of anesthetized bees is then gently shaken in the EasyCheck, causing the mites to fall from the bees
  • Advantages: Fast and keep the sample of bees alive. Research conducted in Europe indicated results similar in accuracy to alcohol wash
  • CO2 Injection Method video

Sample Size

  • There are two lines on the white basket of the Varroa EasyCheck
  • Lower line corresponds to about 200 bees and the upper line corresponds to 300 bees
  • We advise you to take 300 bees to obtain the most accurate results possible
  • In the case of weaker colonies, you can reduce this number to 200 bees
  • You will obtain your infestation percentage by dividing the number of varroa found by 2 (if 200 bees) or 3 (if 300 bees)

Example: If you find 5 varroa mites with 300 bees, you have an infestation percentage of 5/3 = 1.66%

Number of mites = % Varroa infestation

3 for 300 bees

2 for 200 bees

(adjust according to sample size)


  • Designed for effectiveness: The filter basket is the key to EasyCheck’s reliability
  • Quick and easy to use 3 easy steps
  • Easily transportable and built to last
  • Tight-fitting lid is leak-free and comfortable to use
  • Two molded guidelines allow for samples of 200 or 300 bees
  • Designed for effectiveness: Fallen mites pass through holes in the base and sides of the basket
  • Transparent bowl allows accurate counting and reliable sampling

Depending on location and the time of year, alert thresholds range from > 1% to 5%. Check with your local association to determine thresholds in your area.


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