Honey Bees for Sale | Mated Queens & NUCs

The honey bees for sale are properly mated queens from known and purchased Queen Mother stock that are grafted and mated locally. We verify the new queens laying patterns before selling them to provide a quality product.

If the honey bees for sale that you are purchasing are a 5-frame NUC, we offer different ways you can do this to allow for any budget.

  1. You can do a “BYOB” (bring your own box) for the most economical purchase, where you come to the farm and pick up your bees placing our 5-frames right into your own 5-frame or 10-frame box.
  2. The next level up includes an EZ NUC that you can pick up your bees in, simply close the entrance, tape the lid and you are on your way.
  3. Lastly, we also build custom wooden 5-frame NUC boxes (unpainted) that you can pick up your bees in. We will put a screen across the entrance, bring a ratchet strap and you are on your way. Don’t forget to move the bees into a 10-frame box and paint that box after you do.

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Farm Fresh Eggs (6) GMO-free | Heritage Turkey Eggs

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Brand: GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm
Delivery/Shipping/PickUp Method: Farm Pick Up, Local Delivery to Consumer ONLY

Local Farm Fresh Eggs

You won't find eggs fresher than those that are hand collected daily on our farm in Cape Coral 😊

Our heritage breed turkeys are pasture-raised and fed organic feed to supplement their health and wellbeing. The flock consists of Royal Palm Turkeys and Bourbon Red Turkeys.

  • We do not candle or grade eggs for size nor sort by color.
  • Eggs are available for delivery from farmer to consumer only.
  • Due to Fl regulations as a small flock producer, we cannot deliver to bakeries, restaurants or health food stores at this time. Our service is strictly from farm to consumer.

Quantity: 6 eggs of varying size/color

Discount available for recycling egg cartons: max 25 cents per 6 eggs (does not have to be our carton)


GVA Farm Pick Up: Coming Soon

GVA Farm Pick Up by Appt - Curbside: Coming Soon

PickUp at GulfCoast Beekeepers Assoc Meeting:

  • Charlotte County: 1st Saturday of each Month @ 7pm at UF/IFAS Extension Charlotte County, Centennial Park, Pt Charlotte
  • Collier County: 2nd Tuesday of each Month @ 7pm at UF/IFAS Extension Collier County, Immokalee Rd, Naples
  • Lee County: 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 7pm at GVA Farm, Old Burnt Store Rd N, Cape Coral


Limited delivery area and times:

  • To 33933 and Burnt Store Marina on Mondays
  • To 33904 and 33914 on Tuesdays

Delivery cost: Free with $20 minumum order
Delivery area: 33993, 33904, 33914 and Burnt Store Marina community


Shipping cost: Carrier Calculated

Shipping: Not Available

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We do not have honey bees for sale from our bee removals!

The honey bees that come to the farm from bee removals are quarantined for a period of time to allow us to monitor them for any pests or diseases as well as temperament. In most cases, we have to re-queen these colonies to help dilute the africanized traits that are common in our region; therefore. they are not for sale.