Q. How long does the Bee Hive Removal Job take?

Lee Honey Bee Hive Removal Trap Out Electrical Panel

The bee hive removal process from start to finish typically will take about 4 hours, sometimes less or more time depending on the difficulty and size of the bee hive removal job.

Bee Hive Removal Typical Timelines

Swarms can be “vacuumed” up in about an hour if they are readily accessible.

With a “Cut Out”, we often times have to come back in the evening the following day to pick up the “bee hive box”, so we can make sure we have all the foraging bees in the box when we leave. 30-40% of the bees will be out gathering nectar and pollen when we originally arrive to relocate the colony during the day.

If it’s a “Trap Out”, it can take 6-8 weeks and multiple trips, in order to ensure as many of the bees hatch and come out and eat as much of the resources possible before we close up the opening . Eventually the bees inside the wall will run out of resources since the foraging bees will not be able to come back inside to refill their stores and they will join the others in the box outside the opening. This process is a very managed process and takes some time to be completed properly.

Each situation can be very different dependent on where and how long a bee colony was able to colonize. The above time frames are approximations based on years of successful bee relocations.