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Bee Wax Coated Plastic Foundation for Beekeepers

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Wax coated plastic foundation is an injected molded, food grade plastic raised cell sheet covered with beeswax. They are ready to use, just put into your frames. Wax moth damage? No problem! Simply scrape the damage off and put them back on for the bees to clean up. Pull them from the box and put them right into your frames and onto your bees.

  • Precise deep cell walls.
  • Uniform exact cells with sharper cell edges for quick acceptance.
  • Textured cell interior.
  • Requires no reinforcement.
  • Use in wedge top bar or slips easily into grooved top bar frames.
  • Durable plastic holds up to years of extracting.
  • Product may be white or yellow color.

Size Chart:

Deep fits 9 1/8" frame fits 9 5/8" box size 8 3/8" and 81/2" x 16 3/8" Deep
Deep Super
Hive Body
Brood Box
Brood Nest
WI Super fits 7 1/4" frame fits 7 5/8" box size 6 1/2" and 6 5/8" x 16 3/8" Uncommon Size
3/4 Super
Wisconsin Super
IL Super fits 6 1/4" frame fits 6 5/8" box size 5 1/2" and 5 5/8" x 16 3/8" Medium Super
Illinois Super
Modified Super
Dadant Super
Most common size for Honey Super
Shallow Super fits 5 3/8" frame fits 5 11/16" box size 4 3/4" x 16 3/8" Shallow Super
Often used for Cut Comb

Quantity: One (1) Sheets

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  • To 33904 and 33914 on Mondays

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Delivery area: 33993, 33904, 33914 and Burnt Store Marina community

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Shipping: Not available

Farm Pick Up cost: Free
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