Beekeeping for Beginners

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Beekeeping 101 Cape Coral

Beekeeping for Beginners Courses | Local and Online

The best thing you can do as a beginning beekeeper is to get educated BEFORE getting your bees by:

Once you are ready for some more advanced beekeeping topics, Come back for the more online or onsite courses, such as

  • Hive Inspections
  • Spring Management, include Splits and Swarm Traps and Swarm Prevention
  • Advanced Beekeeping for a more in-depth look beyond the basics
  • IPM and Treatment Options for common Pests & Diseases
  • Queen Rearing for the hobbyist beekeeper
  • How to Start a Bee Business in Florida

Beekeeping Books & YouTube Videos

Reading books and watching YouTube can be very helpful as well. Just keep in mind where the beekeepers are geographically located since that plays a huge part in how you will manage your colonies as well as how you will set up your apiary and your equipment.

Some worthwhile Books | Beekeeping for Beginners:

beekeeping for beginners Cape Coral

For more information on Beekeeping 101 in Cape Coral

Some actual factual YouTube Channels | Beekeeping for Beginners:

FDACS Apiary Division | Bees

UF Honey Bee Lab | Dr Jamie Ellis | a Video Field Guide for Beginning Beekeepers | Episode 1 – Trachael Mites

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More videos for Beekeeping 101 Students…

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