Bee Swarm Removal & Relocation

Video: Watch Tim do a bee swarm removal at high-speed using a special bee vacuum.

Got Bees?

We provide professional bee removal and swarm relocation services. Services are limited to live honey bee removals. We are STATE REGISTERED beekeepers that are INSURED and provide only SAFE and HUMANE removals and relocations using the latest technology and years of construction experience.

This professional technology help us to see the extent of where the honey bees have colonized and helps you by keeping the cost of repairs down to a minimum through precise openings. Some of the professional bee removal tools we may use are: a special bee vacuum, infrared technology and video scopes.

The comb you see is where someone sprayed a colony and didn’t remove the wax.. Bees moved inside the home’s sub-floor from there.
Spray foam didn’t keep them out. The bees simply moved further into the home’s sub-floor.

With Infrared Camera Technology, we can see through the sub-floor, exactly where the bees moved to. Notice the comb in the upper light blue section at the top, that’s the comb you see in the left picture.
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With the infrared we can see that we are dealing with TWO colonies that are separated by the joisting of the stilt home

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