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Raw Honey from the Farm | Tropical Wildflower

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Delivery/Shipping/PickUp Method: Curbside, InStore, Local Delivery, UPS Shipping within FL

Our honey is all natural, fresh, raw tropical wildflower honey from hives on our farm produced locally by our honey bees. The honey is packed full of natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes straight from the bees. The benefits of raw honey have been studied and debated over the years. Its use for healing dates back thousands of years in human history. It is said to help allergies, arthritis and act as the healing agent for many other ailments. It is gently screened without any heat and non-pasteurized to preserve its natural enzymes. Our honey is 100 % pure and is never mixed with lower quality honey or corn syrup nor infusion additives for flavored honey.

** It is not recommended to give honey to infants under the age of 1, because they do not have fully developed immune systems **

Limited delivery area and times:

  • To 33993 and Burnt Store Marina on Fridays
  • To 33904 and 33914 on Mondays

Delivery cost: Free
Delivery area: 33993, 33904, 33914 and Burnt Store Marina community

Shipping cost: Carrier calculated
Shipping: USPS Priority Mail - Florida ONLY due to Cottage Food statutes

Farm Pick Up cost: Free
Farm Pick Up by Appt: Curbside | by Appointment | Thurs-Fri 11am-7pm and Sat 9am-12:30pm (In-Store Coming Soon)

Pick Up at Gulf Coast Beekeeper Meetings | Charlotte, Collier or Lee: Free
Charlotte: 1st SATURDAY of each month
Collier: 2nd TUESDAY of each month
Lee: 3rd TUESDAY of each month

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