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Produced OnFarm

At GreenView Aquaponics, we have chosen not use ANY herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or other synthetic chemicals in our production, even if they are OMRI / organic approved; however, we have made a conscious choice not to become organically certified, even though we follow and exceed organic growing practices. If you have any questions about how we produce our products, feel free to reach out to us

Here you can find out FRESH LIST for anything we are harvesting this week, as well as all the hand harvested, handcrafted items we produce.

Some items are seasonal and as a small farm, our quantities are limited.

  • Freshly Harvested Produce (the FRESH LIST)
    • Aquaponic Fruit, Herbs & Veggies
    • Gourmet Microgreens
    • Hydroponic Herbs & Veggies (coming soon)
  • Raw Tropical Honey & Products from the Hive
  • Farm Fresh Eggs | GMO-free
  • Small Batch Handcrafted Farm Products (coming soon)
  • Pastured Meats (seasonal)
  • Livestock, incl honey bees, poultry, gamebirds, fish (seasonal)

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