Tips for Hiring Honey Bee Removal in Cape Coral

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Need to hire someone for Honey Bee Removal in Cape Coral?

Tips on Hiring Honey Bee Removal Services in Cape Coral

When a company or person is hired to remove or eradicate a colony on your property, FDACS suggests the following:

Ask for their beekeeper registration number or pest control license number. This is required in order to perform eradication or removal in the state of Florida.

Ours is FL0360608K and it’s on all our bee boxes.

Ask if the beekeeper or pest control operator carries liability insurance.

Absolutely, we do. This is where most bee removal services fall short, in particular those offering free bee removal services. There are costs associated with doing things right

Ask about their plan to remove existing comb and honey that could attract nearby bees.

This will depend on the circumstances of your bee situation.We remove everything we can as often as we can for the best possible results

Ask about the method of removal or eradication they will be using and where the bees are being relocated.

We do not eradicate honey bees. We may re-queen the colony, if the bees are africanized

Ask about their plan to repair, replace or otherwise completely seal off the site after colony removal.

  • This repair should be conducted by a licensed contractor who is familiar with building code regulations in your area (this will not necessarily be the beekeeper or pest control operator who performs the removal). We don’t do repairs; however, we have a lot of construction experience and know how to take things apart in such a way to make it easier and less costly to put back together
  • If a tree needs to be removed or cut, ask if there is a plan to remove any remaining parts or debris from your property. We pick up after ourselves and make sure you are all set. For major tree services, we ask you consult with an arborist or licensed tree professional

After colony removal or eradication, be sure to check for further bee activity at the site and follow up with the company/person hired, if needed.

We will follow up with you to make sure your bee problem is completely taken care of

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