Q. How to Select a Bee Removal Specialist?

Tim at the apiary

Though we hope you choose GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary, we know that there are other bee hive removalservices/companies out there. Some do excellent work. Others, you will be sorry you ever hired. So, how do you decide which company to go with?

Here are some questions that may be helpful to ask:

  1. Will the bees be killed, or removed live and relocated? Since honey bees are so vital to our environment, most reputable companies will not kill them, unless there is an immediate danger to people. We would recommend rescuing the bees as your first choice.
  2. Is the entire bees nest removed or will honey, comb and bees be left inside the structure? The real problem starts when the bees are killed and the hive is not removed. First of all, killing 15,000-60,000 bees is the equivalent size of a cat or other small animal. As the dead bees decompose, it can smell quite horrid. As for any honey left in the walls or floor, pests can chew through it causing the honey to ferment and drip. This will create a huge mess and most likely damage drywall and other building materials. Repairs from the damage can be costly.
  3. Will repairs be included? Some companies only remove the honey bee colony, but do not do the repairs of the access area. It is nice to be able to hire someone who is able to do both the removal and repairs and have everything taken care of in one day. Repairs will be discussed prior to the start of the bee hive removal.
  4. Does the bee hive removal company carry liability insurance? Make sure to ask if not stated on their website. Many hobby beekeepers and those offering “free” or lower cost bee hive removals, do not carry any type of insurance. This becomes a huge problem when someone is injured or causes property damage.
  5. Is the work guaranteed? What if bees return to the same spot the next year or the year after? One thing to know about honey bees is their keen sense of smell. This enables them to return to an old location, where a colony has been in the past no matter how well it has been cleaned out. If the area has not been sealed properly, bees will often come back.
  6. How much bee removal and construction experience does the person have doing the work? Just like with any profession, those who offer unusually low prices often do not have much experience and do cheap work. Experienced companies have completed many bee hive removals, will do minimal damage to your home when accessing the bees, and will do the job right, so you don’t have problems in the future.

Q. Is there anything I can do while I wait for someone to arrive to remove my bees?

Bee Hive Removal Soffit Cut Out

Just remain at a safe distance and keep an eye on the bees, if it’s a swarm.

  • Please don’t spray them with anything (or let anyone else do that)
  • Please don’t poke at the bees or throw rocks to see if you can make them leave. It only makes them behave aggressively and you or someone nearby will get stung
  • Please don’t light anything on fire to see if you can smoke them out unless you want .
  • Please don’t plug up a hole that they are coming in/out of. They will chew another way out and it may be into your home instead of outside or other less desirable location.
  • You can let your neighbors know that we are coming, in case they are allergic to bees or have livestock, so they can take the proper precautionary steps to protect themselves and their animals.