Q. Is there anything I can do while I wait for someone to arrive to remove my bees?

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Just remain at a safe distance and keep an eye on the bees, if it’s a swarm.

  • Please don’t spray them with anything (or let anyone else do that)
  • Please don’t poke at the bees or throw rocks to see if you can make them leave. It only makes them behave aggressively and you or someone nearby will get stung
  • Please don’t light anything on fire to see if you can smoke them out unless you want .
  • Please don’t plug up a hole that they are coming in/out of. They will chew another way out and it may be into your home instead of outside or other less desirable location.
  • You can let your neighbors know that we are coming, in case they are allergic to bees or have livestock, so they can take the proper precautionary steps to protect themselves and their animals.