Q. What is the Cost of a Typical Bee Hive Removal Job?

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Due to the nature of honey bees and the various places they tend to congregate and/or colonize, we need more information to accurately account for the time and effort that it will take to safely and humanely relocate the honey bees from your location to ours, which can really only be done with an onsite visit. We request $75 to come out and evaluate your situation, this is for an onsite quote and to discuss your options.

Should you decide to go ahead with the bee hive removal & relocation while we are there, we will credit you the $75 toward your bee hive removal & relocation service; otherwise services are considered rendered and paid in full.

If the bees leave before we arrive, please let us know as soon as you find out, so we can send an immediate refund! Often when bees swarm, the colony will rest in a location and will send out scout bees to select their “perfect spot”. The swarm may stay up to a day or two, but often leave within a couple hours.

There are often times more costs involved depending on what we see when we get there (ranging from $150-950 depending on the complexity) and does not include repairs

  • Honey Bee Hive Removal w/o Repairs – Residential  $300-$450
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal w/Repairs – Residential  $550-$950
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal Commercial/Industrial  $300-500
  • Honey Bee Swarm Removal  $75 – $150
  • Bee Inspection  $75-$200
  • Bee Proofing Entire House $1500-$3000

For the quality of work performed, our pricing is very reasonable and competitive. Most pest control companies will charge you more than a bee hive removal specialist.

Listed above is a general idea of what the average cost of our bee hive removal services are. Travel distances over 50 miles will add approximately $1 more per each additional mile traveled. Extreme height or excessive difficulty may also increase the price. If you have more than one hive needed to be removed each additional hive will receive a discounted rate of 25%-50% off, if located on the same property.

Once we have quoted you a price, we will not show up and tell you it is going to be more than we initially expected. We will stick with the price we quoted, unless there are things we could not see until we start pulling things apart