About | Cape Coral Bee Farm

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Our Cape Coral Bee Farm is run by our own UF Advanced Master Beekeeper, Timothy Kenaga, and consists of European Honey Bees that are reared from a queen stock in North Florida to help dilute the africanized traits of our more local bee strains.

Bee Farm Cape Coral with UF Master Beekeeper Tim
UF Master Beekeeper, Tim, working his hives at our Bee Farm

At our Bee Farm, we raise queens that we make available for sale to local beekeepers each spring to help jumpstart their own bee farms.

The Bee Farm at GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary proudly produces:

We also sell beekeeping supplies and teach beekeeping to beginners at the bee farm.

Services provided by our bee farm at GreenView Apiary include:

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