Beekeeping in Cape Coral

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Like gardening, Beekeeping in Cape Coral is different than most other parts of the country other than for our beekeeping friends on the other coast of Florida.

Our beekeeping season can start as early as mid-December or as late as March depending on our “winter” weather patterns and generally ends in November with the bloom of the Brazilian Pepper, a major nectar source for our local bees.

in Florida, honey bees are livestock and protect by Florida’s statutes. A homeowner may keep bees on as little as a quarter of an acre as long as they become a registered beekeeper with the State of Florida’s FDACS Division of Apiary and agree to Best Management Practices as outlined by the Beekeeper Compliance Agreement (BCA).


For residents of Cape Coral, this translates into being able to start beekeeping in their own backyard with up three bee colonies and six during swarm season without any issues with neighbors and/or local government, including the City’s Code Compliance Dept.

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